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If you want to tell others about your product, the best option for you is to make a video with an interview. You will participate in it as the expert, explaining all the advantages of your product. In order to make high-quality interview-style product videos, you will need to follow certain rules as listed below:

1.  The video should not be too long. The audience doesn’t like long, boring videos. The optimal length is 180 to 300 seconds. Shorter than that – and you will not have enough time to talk about your product. Make it too long, and the viewer can get bored.

2.  The most important information has to be conveyed in the span of the first 60 seconds of the video. If you follow this rule, you can hook the viewer in, making them more likely to watch the interview to the end.

3.  The video has to be dynamic. You have to speak in short, clear sentences. The information you are conveying has to be understandable even for middle-schoolers.

4.  Talk about yourself. The audience will be interested in what kind of a person you are, and why you have decided to sell your product. The audience is always interested in buying products from extraordinary people.

We at Stylephotos can make high-quality interview-style videos about your products. Many people will know about the advantages of your product, which in turn will increase your brand’s visibility and your product sales.

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Advanced Editing:
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Colour Correction
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Product Shaping
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