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Looking for a high-performance camera to bring your vision to life? Look no further - we have a wide selection of professional-grade cameras at your disposal!

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OConnor Cine HD Standard Legs
OConnor 2575D
Cartoni Lambda 50
Cartoni Lambda 3rd Axis

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Select a stage that suits your project creative needs: LED Volume, Cyclorama, Kitchen, or Shower. This is the first step in beginning your rental journey."

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Bring your vision to life with SP Studios' best-in-class selection. Say goodbye to equipment shortages - we have everything you need and more!

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Have a specific day in mind? Book a time that is convenient for you and fits within our studio's availability.


Are you searching for a top-quality camera to bring your creative vision to life? Look no further than SP Studios. Our selection of professional, high-end cameras for rent is second to none. Whether you're working on a presentation, workshop, or action movie, we have the advanced equipment you need to capture stunning photos and videos.

How to Choose a Camera

Choosing the right camera is essential for achieving your desired results. At SP Studios, we offer a variety of options to suit your shooting style. When selecting a camera, pay attention to factors like resolution, recording format, dynamic range, frame rate, and image stabilization. If you're unsure which device to choose, our team of experts is on hand to help with everything from settings to filming.

The best camera for the job

Our rental cameras are perfect for any project, from capturing the intricate details of jewelry to photographing models or subjects. For example, the Hasselblad X2D is a revolutionary camera that can capture an incredible 281 trillion shades of color. With high-performance focusing, responsiveness, and dynamic range, our cameras are the best choice for achieving your creative vision.


Red products will be the best option if you need to rent a high-resolution film camera and mirrorless devices. Their key feature is the use of sensors with high resolution. It allows you to get high-quality and maximum-detail images. Rent a Red camera and discover a whole range of limitless possibilities! It shows in everything: settings, recording in all kinds of formats, flexibility, and processing!


A great solution to create a professional video product is to rent ARRI cameras. This brand is the equipment of choice for filming shows and movies in SP Studios! The distinctive features are unique image quality, sensitivity, color accuracy, and the widest dynamic range. We offer to rent film cameras of the latest models with advanced functionality, many settings, and recording formats, such as ProRes and RAW.


If you need a rental camera specializing in slow-motion photography, feel free to choose Phantom. This manufacturer is known for its high-speed frame capabilities. It is necessary to capture fast movements and detail in slow motion. Phantom camera rental provides other perspectives because their features are also high.


Sony camera rental is a universal solution that allows you to perform any creative idea. The manufacturer is famous for its unique developments, advanced autofocus systems, speed, and range. Sony is constantly expanding its range of advanced new products, the best of which are offered for work in rented scenes at SP Studios.


Do you want to capture the versatility of color and the thrill of the scene and just bring the image to life? Hasselblad digital camera rentals will make your photography project vibrant and impressive. Ease of use, large handy sensors, lots of functional settings, and modules are precisely what a professional photographer needs. This brand also creates devices that integrate with others, making camera rentals easy.

Camera rentals

As one of the largest studios in Canada, StylePhotos is pleased to offer the best movie camera rentals and camera equipment rentals, as well as anything else you might need to shoot. First and foremost are the stunning themed scenes, ready to plug in any format. Shooting one of them, you have the opportunity to use all our advanced equipment. Lighting systems, backgrounds, communications, acoustics, installations, and lenses with different extensions aren’t a complete list of all the possibilities. We don't just give individual items you can pick up and leave. We provide our clients with solutions that they can use in our studio. There are no limits to creativity here!

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How does “In-House Rentals” work at StylePhotos?

In-House Rentals allows clients to rent our studio space(s) and equipment for a day or for multiple days depending on what the use is for. The rental gear will never be leaving the studio so you will never face the risk of having the gear, props and/or space you need taken away from you.

Do you offer rental packages that allow equipment to be brought out of the studio?

We do not allow our equipment to be used and/or brought outside of the studio at this time.

How to check if equipment is available?

Seeing as we only offer In-House Rentals, all our equipment and studio space is allocated to you for the duration of your rental.

What if I break something?

We understand accidents happen. However, if you break, rip, stain, or do any form of property damage, you will be charged a replacement fee, depending on the item. Any floor damage is subject to a repair fee ranging between $250 – $1000.

Can I bring in my own team to shoot, build sets etc….?

Yes, you can bring your own team into the studio. However, there are certain pieces of equipment that are ONLY operated by our In-House team. Even if you or someone on your crew has experience operating this equipment, for the safety of everyone on-set only our staff will be operating it. For example, the Bolt X and MovieTech Dolly will only be operated by our In-Studio team.

Can I bring special effects to StylePhotos?

Dry ice, haze and fog machines are allowed. Wax candles, open flames, slime, and sparklers are prohibited. If you are bringing confetti, glitter, artificial snow, sand, feathers, or flowers into the space, please also indicate that at the time of booking.

Can you teach me how to use the CineBot, jib arm, cameras etc…?

Unfortunately, no. Our In-Studio team is in charge of the equipment and managing the gear (Cameras, Grip, Bolt X etc.) for your rental and will not be teaching you how to operate the equipment.