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Rent the Phantom Flex4K High-Speed Camera for Stunning Slow-Motion Video

Do you need to make a high-quality, slow-motion video? Our In-Studio Phantom Flex4K camera will help make this a reality! Being one of the biggest companies in Canada, StylePhotos can offer not only a spacious stage, fully equipped for shooting, but also the most advanced video making equipment. With the Phantom Flex4K, we have all your slow-motion needs covered.

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What makes Flex4K unique?

The Phantom Flex4k is a highly sought after camera as it is a very powerful tool as it was specially designed to make high-quality slow-motion videos. This is achieved thanks to the camera's 4K sensor which allows it to shoot videos of up to 4096x2304 pixels - making the level of sharpness and details of the videos phenomenal. In addition, the camera allows shooting at up to 1000 frames per second in full 4k or 2k. This makes it so no minute details are missed, which may happen when using other cameras. The Phantom Flex4K has a wide range of settings making it possible to work in any lighting conditions. The camera’s color depth (up to 12 bits) allows flexibility when editing the shot material, as well as in the most precise color rendering.

Phantom Flex4K features

If you are looking for a truly powerful and reliable device with many features, try renting a high-speed camera of this model. Consider the versatility in the shooting format, which allows you to choose any option you like, such as the famous RAW or ProRes. This makes it easy to process and edit your videos. In addition, Flex4K has a high storage capacity so that you can shoot long high-speed videos without the need of constantly changing storage devices.

Furthermore, what makes Phantom camera rentals attractive is its versatility achieved through many interfaces allowing connection and synchronization of various external devices, such as MAC PRO, CineMag IV, Sanlink, HD-SDI, HDMI, Genlock, etc.

Shooting styles

Due to its features and capabilities of high-speed shooting, our Phantom is available for In-Studio rentals and works for many video styles. Thanks to its frame-by-frame video shooting, the camera records every millisecond of movement. This is useful for shooting various visual effects, action scenes, and sports highlights.

The Phantom’s software allows for versatile processing, easy editing, as well as a high level of color depth. It also works well for recording dynamic movements and considering the high definition of the videos, they make the camera a great asset for shooting commercials, music videos, or other video productions.

Studio shooting

he Phantom Flex4k offers a wide range of customizability, allowing directors, DOPs and videographers to flex their creative muscles In-Studio. StylePhotos doesn’t only offer the Phantom Flex4K for rental, but offers a variety of gear, equipment and cameras for rental alongside the stages in the studio. Our trained In-Studio professional staff will help you set up the equipment, choose the right settings as well as help troubleshoot any potential issues. Furthermore, if you ever need help in editing, color correction, post-production or adding visual effects, we at StylePhotos can provide you with necessary help. Make your fantasies a reality with us!

What’s Included

These gears are included in the rental package along with your camera

RED 5-Pin to Single 3.5mm Adapter

XL Bottom 15mm LWS (Support Bracket)

XL Top 15mm LWS (Support Bracket)

CFexpress Card Reader: Type B

USB-C 3.2 Cable (50cm)

Type A-to-C Adapter (USB 3.2)

RED 5-Pin to Single 3.5mm Adapter


Camera Add-ons

"Need additional gear for your camera? Not a problem! You can choose from a variety of add-ons available for this specific camera. Please note that add-ons will be charged separately

Flat Lay
Ghost Mannequin
Hanger Shot
Model Photo
Amazon Photo
Product Photo

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