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Red V-Raptor XL Camera

To shoot a relevant video/music video, a commercial, a movie, or a stunning fashion show, you need to decide on the right location and equipment, don’t you? StylePhotos is one of the largest production studios in Canada where you can organize any event and have a quality photo/video shoot using rented, specialized equipment.

How It Works

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Select a Stage

Select a stage that suits your project creative needs: LED Wall, Cyclorama, Kitchen, or Shower. This is the first step in beginning your rental journey."

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Pick Equipment

Bring your vision to life with SP Studios' best-in-class selection. Say goodbye to equipment shortages - we have everything you need and more!

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Book A Day

Have a specific day in mind? Book a time that is convenient for you and fits within our studio's availability.

Studio Shooting

Our RED cine camera is available to rent for those who need stunning visuals for their films, commercials, music videos and much more. While filming, you can see the RED’s high definition with dynamic range, which is used for special editing during the post-production process. The Red V-Raptor XL is a universal camera suitable for work in various conditions. However, its high cost makes it inaccessible for most professionals. That's why using StylePhotos is the best solution, as our studio prices are much more affordable.

Shooting features

RED cameras are one of the most powerful and advanced pieces of equipment in the world. Due to many useful features, they have become attractive in the field of professional shooting because of their 8K definition and a wide range of customizability to provide the highest level of sharpness with frame details at high image speeds (more than 17 stops).

The 35.4-megapixel matrix provides high-quality images at lower depth. The versatility in editing allows it to make frame color corrections, not missing any details. This camera can shoot at high speeds of 240 frames per second, as well as provides a slow-motion effect. Another feature is a low level zoom with high sensitivity, which allows to make high-quality videos at low light. With the RED Raptor-XL, amazing videos are guaranteed!

For which types of shooting

A RED Raptor-XL can capture any effect: this lens will not miss anything! It is created for the highest-quality video production. What do you wish to make? Whether it's commercials, high-budget movies, music videos, TV shows – this baby can do all this and much more!The Raptor’s convenient sensor and a plethora of settings will make this camera any DOP’s favorite toy. With it, not only can they create any image they want, but also add various styles, dynamics, and effects.

Camera rental

At StylePhotos, we offer an abundance of cameras to rent besides the RED Raptor-XL. This includes the ARRI Alexa 35, Phantom Flex4K and the Sony Venice 2. We also have the Hasselblad X2D 100C available to rent for any and all photography needs. The sky's the limit when it comes to our In-House gear.You can also expect a perfect background and visualization with our modern LED lighting, sound-proofed stages and our abundance of grip and gear. Furthermore, our professional staff will provide you with a multitude of services. which include; building rental packages, running our Bolt cinebot, film the video itself and/or edit it during post-production. Whatever you need, we can provide for you. Here at StylePhotos, we make your dreams a reality.

What’s Included

These gears are included in the rental package along with your camera


XL Bottom 15mm LWS (Support Bracket)

XL Top 15mm LWS (Support Bracket)

CFexpress Card Reader: Type B

USB-C 3.2 Cable (50cm)

Type A-to-C Adapter (USB 3.2)

RED 5-Pin to Single 3.5mm Adapter


Camera Add-ons

"Need additional gear for your camera? Not a problem! You can choose from a variety of add-ons available for this specific camera. Please note that add-ons will be charged separately

Flat Lay
Ghost Mannequin
Hanger Shot
Model Photo
Amazon Photo
Product Photo

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