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Do you want to create content that is leagues above everyone else's? At SP Studios all your grip and gaffing needs are available for In-House rental to save you time and money! Building cameras, lights, tripods, stands and other equipment is a difficult process - but here at SP Studios, nothing is impossible.

Grip equipment

At our studio we offer all types of grip equipment for rent. We have a dolly (with a job attachment), tripods, stabilizers, tracks and other equipment necessary for smooth and stable shooting. In addition, we have a grip truck available for rent rental with a dispenser system for cables and various other specialized equipment including the Bolt Jr. Plus, Trinity 2 and our Magnum Dolly.

Using lighting

Everyone knows how important lighting is when creating visually stimulating content. At SP Studios we offer a variety of lighting solutions to help you create powerful and striking visuals. Having our lighting equipment available In-Studio provides our clients with the opportunity to control their sets, further helping them achieve the highest quality of images and videos.

Our Grip-team

No photography or videography project can do without the well-coordinated work of professionals in charge of grip. By renting our studio at SP Studios, you can rely on professional help from our In-Studio team. Whether it's setting up or tearing down, our team is trained to set up and control the lights, mount everything, distribute the lighting, as well as maintain the equipment.

Grip rent

While shooting at SP Studios, you can also rent grip for In-Studio usage. We offer a large selection of equipment made by leading world-renowned grip manufacturers such as Mathews, Kupo, INOVATIV, Avenger and MovieTech. Our fully equipped stages help create the required shooting ambiance. A team of professionals can be involved for any stage of the production, from helping create the content to editing it.


We offer grip rental by one of the most recognized manufacturers, Matthews. The company is known for a wide variety of products, such as racks, brackets, heads, platforms, and accessories. Mathews gained popularity thanks to the level of quality and reliability of its products which you will fully appreciate upon use.


Kupo grip rental includes various innovative products, such as racks, mounts, heads, universal joints, and various accessories. Increased durability, sturdiness, out-of-the-box approach, a wide range of opportunities, ease of use, - these factors facilitate the work of photographers, cameramen and videographers, providing stable support for equipment and safety on set.


We offer grip rental from the leading manufacturer of filming equipment for the purposes of entertainment, as well as the film and television industries. Our MovieTech Magnum Dolly is more than just high-quality tracks, jib and other accessories. The Magnum Dolly allows DOPs, camera operators and dolly operators to have complete customizability over their set-ups.


Every professional film crew knows NOVATIV products by heart. After all, the production of a famous film, a sold-out commercial or a music video with the highest number of views is not possible without its innovative shooting carts and accessories. The company are leaders in their field and offer high quality and durable not only makeup carts for rent, but also tables, stands, fixtures, drawers. They all combine functionality, reliability and innovative design.

What’s Included

These gears are included in the rental package along with your camera

Flat Lay
Ghost Mannequin
Hanger Shot
Model Photo
Amazon Photo
Product Photo

Grip Rental

With our extensive array of options, we provide all the necessary equipment to achieve your desired results, regardless of your project's scope or complexity

Light Diffusion
Power and Distribution

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How does “In-House Rentals” work at StylePhotos?

In-House Rentals allows clients to rent our studio space(s) and equipment for a day or for multiple days depending on what the use is for. The rental gear will never be leaving the studio so you will never face the risk of having the gear, props and/or space you need taken away from you.

Do you offer rental packages that allow equipment to be brought out of the studio?

We do not allow our equipment to be used and/or brought outside of the studio at this time.

How to check if equipment is available?

Seeing as we only offer In-House Rentals, all our equipment and studio space is allocated to you for the duration of your rental.

What if I break something?

We understand accidents happen. However, if you break, rip, stain, or do any form of property damage, you will be charged a replacement fee, depending on the item. Any floor damage is subject to a repair fee ranging between $250 – $1000.

Can I bring in my own team to shoot, build sets etc….?

Yes, you can bring your own team into the studio. However, there are certain pieces of equipment that are ONLY operated by our In-House team. Even if you or someone on your crew has experience operating this equipment, for the safety of everyone on-set only our staff will be operating it. For example, the Bolt X and MovieTech Dolly will only be operated by our In-Studio team.

Can I bring special effects to StylePhotos?

Dry ice, haze and fog machines are allowed. Wax candles, open flames, slime, and sparklers are prohibited. If you are bringing confetti, glitter, artificial snow, sand, feathers, or flowers into the space, please also indicate that at the time of booking.

Can you teach me how to use the CineBot, jib arm, cameras etc…?

Unfortunately, no. Our In-Studio team is in charge of the equipment and managing the gear (Cameras, Grip, Bolt X etc.) for your rental and will not be teaching you how to operate the equipment.