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Striving to create a successful photo or video project? Then renting Aputure - high quality lighting equipment - is what will accompany success in all endeavors! Innovative developments, thoughtful design, intelligent functionality, portability and unprecedented features make Aputure lights the choice of professionals. That's why they are recommended for work when renting StylePhotos studios.

How It Works

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Select a Stage

Select a stage that suits your project creative needs: LED Wall, Cyclorama, Kitchen, or Shower. This is the first step in beginning your rental journey."

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Pick Equipment

Bring your vision to life with SP Studios' best-in-class selection. Say goodbye to equipment shortages - we have everything you need and more!

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Book A Day

Have a specific day in mind? Book a time that is convenient for you and fits within our studio's availability.

A little bit about Aputure

Thinking about renting lights near me, you need to know what brand of equipment you should choose and here Aputure always has the first place. The manufacturer is not only world renowned, but also has many awards for its developments. For example, the Amaran AL-M9 LED panel was awarded a prize at the NAB Show.

The "Light Storm" control system was a breakthrough in the industry with its intelligent control by smartphone or remote control. Therefore, renting Aputure studio lighting provides convenience and efficiency when working with lighting equipment. In addition, many models of lights have been recognized for their high power, precise color reproduction, and dimming capabilities.

The variety of Aputure lighting

Only by shooting at StylePhotos can you rent lighting from Aputure's most advanced models in Canada. These include LED panels such as the powerful LS C300d II, the compact LS C120d II or the portable MC 4 RGBWW. All of them with high light quality and color rendering index. Spotlight rentals for all types of shoots are also at your service.

Do not forget about the light modifiers, because without softboxes, reflectors and honeycomb it is impossible to achieve special effects. Additional video equipment, such as Follow Focus systems, they will allow you to control the focus during work, and wireless consoles, battery packs and various mounts will provide uninterrupted shooting in any director's concept.

Features of Aputure equipment

Renting Aputure in StylePhotos will take the shooting process to a new level. Each device differs from the products of other brands with improved functionality, quality and reliability, innovative technology and communications. Aputure rentals provide the right lighting with precision and control, allowing you to achieve the desired effect and create the right atmosphere in your shoot.

Wide range of brightness with color temperature is what adapts lighting to the conditions you need to realize your intended project. Wireless control, portability, program settings and color temperature settings make using Aputure rental equipment convenient and efficient.

Renting Aputure

Of course, Aputure equipment has a lot of advantages, but the necessary systems can be unavailable even to a specialized company. In this case rental studio lighting - is what you need for a photo and video project of any complexity. It should be noted that you can rent equipment only if you work at one of StylePhotos facilities.

It is also possible to rent other advanced equipment - cameras, acoustics, editing attributes, power distributors, not to mention fully equipped stages and screens. Can't get a crew together for a creative project? We have a team of professionals in the film industry at your disposal. Share your idea and StylePhotos will bring it to life!

What’s Included

These gears are included in the rental package along with your camera

Flat Lay
Ghost Mannequin
Hanger Shot
Model Photo
Amazon Photo
Product Photo

Camera Add-ons

"Need additional gear for your camera? Not a problem! You can choose from a variety of add-ons available for this specific camera. Please note that add-ons will be charged separately

Flat Lay
Ghost Mannequin
Hanger Shot
Model Photo
Amazon Photo
Product Photo

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