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Rental P/V equipment

Renting video equipment from one of the largest studios in Canada, StylePhotos, is the key to the success of a project of any complexity. Shooting a quality commercial, music video, show, interview or pay-per-view film is a complex process consisting of many steps. We know how difficult it can be, that's why we offer not just film equipment rental, but advanced technologies, limitless possibilities and smart solutions. They will allow you to turn a creative idea of any complexity into reality.

How It Works

step 1
Select a Stage

Select a stage that suits your project creative needs: LED Wall, Cyclorama, Kitchen, or Shower. This is the first step in beginning your rental journey."

step 2
Pick Equipment

Bring your vision to life with SP Studios' best-in-class selection. Say goodbye to equipment shortages - we have everything you need and more!

step 3
Book A Day

Have a specific day in mind? Book a time that is convenient for you and fits within our studio's availability.

What do we offer?

First of all, we are glad to offer professional fully technically equipped scenes because renting them you will have access to the rental of studio equipment. Hollywood camera trucks with rails of different formats, unique Bolt X robot, Bolt Junior and the latest models of video and still cameras, lighting, electronic steadicams, virtual and augmented reality capabilities - everything a director, producer, or operator could wish for.

Regardless of the complexity and type of shooting, there is a solution for every task - StylePhotos video production equipment rental.

How to choose equipment?

Considering that each type of shooting has its peculiarities, it is difficult to choose which type of video equipment you need. Depending on the task, the equipment is selected. Tell us what you are going to shoot. It is going to be a video blog, advertisement, master class, interview, program, presentation, or film and our specialists will help you to choose. First of all, it depends on the model of the camera you need and the type of lens. It is also important to determine what kind of atmosphere you want to create on the set - not only the rental of film equipment depends on this, but also lighting equipment, grips, and software.

Bolt X

Renting video equipment with a robot you can create the most unique video with different angles and at the same time control the camera and all the processes from a distance. This undoubtedly raises the professional filming process to a new level and makes available what was previously impossible or expensive


Do you want to take the highest quality photos? Renting photo equipment allows you to do it. For example, Hasselblad X2D  perfectly copes with the dynamics of shooting, realistic clarity of the frame, and provides a wide variety of settings. Do you need a versatile video? Then maybe the versatile Red V-Raptor XL will be the best choice.

Or maybe you want to shoot high-speed video without losing clarity? Phantom Flex4K is the perfect solution. It's hard to list all the equipment available for rent at once but be assured, there is a huge selection of cameras ready for you! Don't you believe it? Come and see for yourself!

The lenses

No professional shooting is possible without them, so the rental studio equipment should include lenses. They play a key role in forming the image you need. We offer lenses from leading manufacturers such as Sigma, ATLAS, ARRI, LEITZ, and other world-known giants. All you have to do is to choose the model you need. Video equipment rental allows you to take a lens with various focal characteristics for stationary, dynamic, and any other type of shooting.

Lighting equipment

With lighting, you will surely create the right atmosphere on the set. LED panels, softboxes, spotlights, and dimmers with filters are at your disposal, because rental video equipment does not consist of just cameras. StylePhotos is happy to offer any professional lighting you need for your project. Whether it is a standard interview or shooting a spectacular music video or action film, you'll have everything you need to work on our studio scenes.


Of course, no top-notch camera and lighting equipment can work without proper adjustments and proper editing. That is why we are happy to offer light diffusers, dolly carts, tripods, stands, steadicam, and, of course, power distribution for video equipment rentals. With this equipment, you will be able to create a stunning video!
You should also consider time limits: here at StylePhotos you can hire a camera crew for a day or a longer period of time necessary to achieve the result. Carefully think about the things you might need: backgrounds, stages, screens, communications, lighting? Remember: a professional camera crew is composed of people ready to implement your ideas, helping you throughout the making of your project.

Rental advantages

StylePhotos is not just a photo equipment rental company and this is the main advantage. When renting our scenes, a world of endless possibilities opens up to the client. The most modern advanced technologies, complex equipment, software will help bring to life any fantasy and creative idea.

Our specialists are always ready to provide comprehensive assistance in the selection and installation of the necessary equipment, organization of the filming process, and creation of a finished product. Do you like a certain film, or video, not being able to tear yourself away from the stream or clip? It is quite possible that they were filmed in StylePhotos, because professionals always trust only professionals!

What’s Included

These gears are included in the rental package along with your camera

Flat Lay
Ghost Mannequin
Hanger Shot
Model Photo
Amazon Photo
Product Photo

Camera Add-ons

"Need additional gear for your camera? Not a problem! You can choose from a variety of add-ons available for this specific camera. Please note that add-ons will be charged separately

Flat Lay
Ghost Mannequin
Hanger Shot
Model Photo
Amazon Photo
Product Photo

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