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What are the advantages of videos over product photos?

Videos give a more realistic understanding of the product.

Videos tend to keep potential clients on your product page longer than photos.

After watching videos, clients are more likely to buy the product show

Particularities of Amazon product videos.

An important distinction of Amazon product videos is automatic keyword search optimization. When a potential client searches a given product via the toolbar, Amazon shows all videos containing the needed keyword. This SEO feature helps anyone interested to quickly find your product via the search engine.

Important tips for making Amazon product videos.

If you want to make a successful video for your product on Amazon, you will need to keep several nuances in mind:

Emphasize the advantages of your product.

Only use high-quality equipment when making videos.

The optimal length of a video is about 60 seconds.

Make sure to include your logo, brand colors and shades in your video.

Make sure to show your product during the first 5 seconds of the video.

Only professionals can make high-quality videos of your products for Amazon. The Stylephotos team possesses experience, knowledge, and a creative approach to work, that is why we will present your product in the most advantageous way possible, increasing the views of your products, as well as your product sales.

Photo editing

Basic Editing:
Image Cropping
White Balance Adjustments
Exposure & Contrast Adjustments
Visible Wrinkles Removal
Vibrance and Saturation Adjustments
Background Removal
Advanced Editing:
Skin Retouching
Colour Correction
Colour Matching
Product Shaping
Jewellery Editing

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