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What styles are used for photographing cosmetic products?

Flat lay, which means creating a composition of thematically integrated objects that complement the focus on products. Here you can implement all your beauty product photography ideas.

Tabletop, i. e. a thematic photo shoot on a horizontal surface, ideal for creating fragrance photography.

Model, i. e. a photo shoot with a model who uses or showcases the products. It is considered the best way to go for cosmetic makeup advertising.

360° Spin, a special interactive technique that allows you to view an object from all sides; a kind of short video in which things rotate around their axis.

Product Video, i. e. a short video revealing the features of a perfume or cosmetic product through an improved 360 version. This solution provides an almost full-presence effect, and it is resorted to by all the big-name brands.

Model Video, a video shoot with a model, which is universally suitable for a catalog, website, online store on Instagram, and other platforms.

How To Video, which is a live demonstration of a product's capabilities, or revealing demonstrations of how it works/functions.

Animation/GIFs, i. e. an animated picture, a slide containing many overlays, which emphasizes the customizability of the product.

Social Media Advertising, i. e. bright, attractive thematic mixes. Allows you to demonstrate your creativity, the best qualities of beauty products, as well as the company image itself.

3D Rendering: it is possible to use special effects that make beauty product images three-dimensional. Such treatment makes the picture as realistic as possible, and gives the customer the opportunity to "touch" the offered product.

NFT Projects, a completely new fashion trend and at the same time an exclusive opportunity to highlight your product, as well as to emphasize the originality of the brand. Image tokens can also be created as an additional product or gift.

Amazon Photography, i. e. pictures of products "sharpened" for presentations on the world's most popular trading platform.

Props for cosmetic product photography

Depending on the style and type of product to be photographed, different props can be used — from cubes and geometric shapes to platforms and other different objects like flowers, fruits, decor. The main rule for any photo idea is having the right background, but you can leave that to StylePhotos. For the composition to be compelling to buyers, props must also be placed correctly:

Rule of thirds: conventionally, compositions should be placed in a triangle, a great option for Flat lay, better suited for cosmetics photography.

S-curve, the best aesthetic solution to put several products in the frame at the same time, so that the eye immediately focuses on the main thing. It is considered the best solution for social media, particularly Instagram, where customers flip pages from top to bottom.

Negative Space, a technique in which free space emphasizes what is most important: ideas about cosmetics photography. Did you know that it can be used together with the previous ones? This solution is the trendiest this season.

Framing, i. e. highlighting the main thing among many; this is an expressive solution when creating product photography beauty.

What makes product photography unique?

It is easy and simple to highlight your health and beauty items by creating an exclusive line of product photography! The elements of beauty in product presentations are:

— clarity (resolution) of the picture;
— he right high-quality equipment;
— lighting setup;
— location and color rendering of the background;
— decorative composition;
— shooting technique;
— organization of space.

StylePhotos offers all of this. We have everything to make any idea come true!

Why use Lifestyle in product photography?

Using the Lifestyle technique helps you to demonstrate the use of products in real life and allows you to be creative. We not only strive for a pretty picture with an appropriate background, but for a whole story shown in it. As if you are watching quite ordinary things from the outside but which, at the same time, "beat" the advertised product itself.

Photographing the texture of a cosmetic product

Like a light petal smear of cream, a glittering splash of perfume, some carelessly spilled nail polish, a flowing pearly emulsion. All of these are techniques that allow you to show the buyer what lies inside a beautiful jar. Want to improve your sales? Then be sure to use ideas that show the texture of your cosmetic product!

Professional photos at affordable prices

StylePhotos is a full range of automated services that allow you to create professional photos of health and beauty products in a short time. There is no need to hire photographers, designers, and layout designers, have special equipment or collect lots of things for a photo shoot. You only pay for quality photos — at the most affordable prices!

The ideal solution for craft, family businesses and conceptual companies.

We work with all kinds of health and beauty products

With intelligent technology, you can bring any product to life: cosmetics, perfumes, decorative cosmetics, makeup tools, and a variety of devices.

Build credibility with quality images of your health products

Images by StylePhotos are the embodiment of quality and creativity. The reality of the product is fully conveyed in the graphics, which relays its appeal to the customer. Using new technologies, you can show all the strengths of your beauty and health items.

What is product photography?
Images that convey the appearance, qualities, and capabilities of a product to potential buyers are called product photography.
What does it take to create a photo of a product?
To create the desired image, you only need to provide the product and, if necessary, additional decor or secondary props.How much do I have to pay for product photography?Product photography price depends on the chosen strategy and package. If you just need to take a certain number of photos you can pay separately for each one, without the $25/image limit. If you are interested in permanent cooperation for processing large quantities of products, the best deal is to sign up for either the Advanced or Enterprise service package. Depending on the concept and volume, the initial price per photo will be somewhere between $17.5 and $20.

Photo editing

Basic Editing:
Image Cropping
White Balance Adjustments
Exposure & Contrast Adjustments
Visible Wrinkles Removal
Vibrance and Saturation Adjustments
Background Removal
Advanced Editing:
Skin Retouching
Colour Correction
Colour Matching
Product Shaping
Jewellery Editing

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