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Our Unboxing Video Production Process

Our production process begins with a consultation to discuss your vision and goals for your unboxing video. From there, we develop a storyboard and script that highlights your product's key features and benefits. Once approved, we move on to production, where we film the unboxing process, incorporate special effects and transitions, and add music and voice-over as needed. Finally, we deliver a polished, high-quality video that showcases your product in the best possible light.Contact us today to learn more about our Unboxing Video Production Services and how we can help you elevate your brand's image and boost your sales.

Photo editing

Basic Editing:
Image Cropping
White Balance Adjustments
Exposure & Contrast Adjustments
Visible Wrinkles Removal
Vibrance and Saturation Adjustments
Background Removal
Advanced Editing:
Skin Retouching
Colour Correction
Colour Matching
Product Shaping
Jewellery Editing

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