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A good product photo will increase your sales by 90%. Here you will find everything you need in «all-in-one» solution.
3) Simplify your pre-production by uploading your unique Style Guide, or pick one from our dozens of existing choices. Style Guide serves as a reference, allowing for easy communication and consistency throughout the entire production process.

Product photo studio

Online shopping is now more popular than ever! More and more new online stores open every hour and that is why there is such a dire need for high-quality photo and video content for online catalogues. After all, a picture is the first thing a potential buyer sees. It is in this first second, when a buyer looks at a photo of a product in an advertising banner or online catalogue, that their subconscious mind decides whether they want to buy this product from you or not.

Our product photo studio provides services for the production of high-quality photo and video content for any online store. Here you can order incredible photoshoots with models, invisible mannequin photoshoots, 360-degree photos, the best images for your Shopify online store, or product videos for Amazon or other online shopping platforms. We also take regular and minimalist flat lay photos which are great for online stores’ social media accounts. Our product photography rates are very reasonable, so anyone can afford to create an online catalogue with us.

In our product photo studio, there is also a unique opportunity for you to rent photo machines. Use the latest photo equipment to create beautiful content yourself! All the settings in these machines are already set, meaning you do not need to set lighting, apertures, or filters. All you need to do is to arrange your models and products. You can do tabletop and flat lay photos with the Horizontal machine or shoot accessories with our Eclipse machine. Alphashot is good for product photography and product videography of small goods and details, and our Life machine is useful for photoshoots with models.

You can really make your online catalogue content diverse! All you need for taking a step towards success is to order unique content for your products from us and see how your sales grow. Your search engine position will move up too!

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Ryan G.
“We have been working with StylePhotos for almost a year now and couldn't ask for a better content partner. Their team is amazing to work with, professional,  attentive, accommodating, and excellent with communication. They providea versatile catalog of photography options utilizing their state-of-the-art equipment.Their schedule is flexible, striving to meet our needs, while promptly meeting deadlines and providing reasonable pricing. Overall, StylePhotos has greatly enhanced our eCommerce experience and we are continually impressed with their service”
Gertex Hosiery
“Working with StylePhotos has been nothing less than a five-star experience. We were working with our own in-house photography for the past 6 years and we quickly realized the importance of a balanced approach between straightforward flat  lay photography and the creative/technology approach that Khasan and his team at StylePhotos bring to the table. The respect for deadlines is second to none”
Olivia Leroux
“The team at StylePhotos has been wonderful to help me launch online my products. The expertise and quality were amazing.

I was able to do 360 videos of the products and also fabric swatches so my clients would be comfortable purchasing the styles they want for their stores”
Puma Canada
Matthew M.
“StylePhotos should be your go-to If you need any professional eComm imagery. I tried many photographers before finding StylePhotos and would recommend them to anyone who needs photography or videography for their website”
Luke Armstrong
“We had a great experience getting our product shots done at StylePhotos. The team was very creative and figured out how to shoot our products in a way that aligned with our vision. I would highly recommend it to anyone”
Jon Edberg
“Quick, reliable, and excellent quality service. StylePhotos was great to work with and the images and videos really enhanced our website”
Canadian Tire
Matthew R.
“Truly great to have as a resource.If you constantly face quick turnarounds thenI would choose StylePhotos any day.“