Digital humans Volumetric Video

Digital humans Volumetric Video

It`s practically impossible to imagine any modern entertainment or information industry without virtual people. Digital characters are used in movies, video games, animation, and AR/VR to create characters that look and move like real people. We create game characters, models, show hosts, presenters in advertising campaigns, and even famous performers.

It allows creating an extraordinary video and establishing a powerful connection between the viewer and the offered product or character. According to the research company Forrester, the future is behind volumetric capture, virtual people, and real-time technology. Already, unreal heroes have millions of admirers worldwide, and they get all kinds of awards.

Advantages of virtual people

Now the popularity of video avatars and people is off the charts due to the many advantages:

  • We can customize characters based on any parameters and anthropological data (age, height, build, hair color, eyes, skin). It allows to create characters for different purposes and needs.
  • Due to digital cloning, we can involve one character simultaneously in other media projects.
  • Virtual humans allow to make scenes and situations that may be difficult or impossible to create in the real world.
  • It gives excellent possibilities for games, VR, educational applications, and various interactive environments.
  • Cost-effectiveness - there is no need to pay salaries to actors, makeup artists, costume makers, pay insurance, or spend time on various processes.
  • Absolute safety - actors will not have to perform complicated, life-threatening stunts.
  • You only need a virtual people studio and professional equipment to create the project, which you can rent from StylePhotos.

How to create characters from a different reality

The real magic happens in the studio before the world sees a virtual person or avatar. After all, the result requires a combination of other technologies, software, and tools. Of course, each project is unique and requires a different approach. Still, in general, the path to a virtual character for streaming is as follows:

  • Rigging is creating the skeletal structure of the character and setting up blanks for animation.
  • Skinning binds the model to this skeletal structure to prevent subsequent defects during movements and to gain the ability to control the character's actions with controllers.
  • Carrying out animation for virtual people in real time. It is possible to use a pre-prepared one made with motion capture or to create an entirely new one in real time due to various sensors and controllers.
  • Visualization using special software known as rendering. When complemented with light, you achieve the streaming service's excellent quality virtual avatar.
  • It is essential to note that additional effects, shadows, and materials may be required to achieve the desired visualization.
  • The final stage may also require motion capture technology for volumetric visualization. It transfers the operator's movements to the virtual character in real-time.
  • The final stage is that the virtual person must be integrated with the streaming software to display their image and animation in real-time during the broadcast.

Unlimited possibilities

Using the technologies and software available in StylePhotos will allow you to realize any creative idea without leaving the studio. If you need a virtual person or avatar with specific knowledge, you will have it. It is possible to create another world, put people in it, or vice versa, or "revitalize" animation. With new technologies, dreams have become accessible. It can even broadcast an Elvis concert on a large stage using holographic playback.

The virtual person or volumetric video avatars find applications in various fields, including the movie industry, entertainment shows, virtual reality, video games, education, and even training. Due to virtual reality, we maximize immersion into a completely different story and add realism and depth to visual content. Try VR's unique features for viewer interaction and immersion, and you won't go back to old filmmaking techniques.

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