How to Plan a Photo Shoot for Your Clothing Brand

How to Plan a Photo Shoot for Your Clothing Brand

Look around, fashion photos are all around us - on magazine covers, big boards, social media, blogs, online portals. Without a doubt, stunning images are the foundation of the fashion industry. Customers are drawn to them as they dominate the e-commerce industry.

High-quality photography will help the company succeed and become famous, while mistakes can destroy the perception of something that is truly lovely. Would you rather not waste the efforts and cash that has been poured into building a brand, finding the finest materials, designing and cutting items, and marketing? Next, let us examine how to successfully arrange a picture session for your apparel line to establish it as a wealthy, identifiable, and well-liked brand that can compete in the market.

Start preparing for the photo shoot with your mood.

The optimistic attitude unveils our creative nature, provides us inspiration, and gives us power. Determine the clothing collection's personality, direction, and style first. Depending on that, decide on the format and style of photography. Keep yourself surrounded with images that you like, or make your own matboard to provide inspiration and aid in seeing the finished product. Working with the team that will be involved in its realization also benefits from it.

Think about the concept

Photos usually do more than show the outfits; they also communicate the designer's message and tell the tale or basic idea. It's crucial to decide on the kind of photo session. Establish goals. It might be simpler to achieve this if you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you need a strong start when launching your brand?
  • Will you upload a picture of your recently released collection to your web store?
  • Do you want to update the clothes you're already selling visually? 360-degree or model photography will refresh your existing images.
  • Are you planning to reach your audience on Instagram, share your fashion innovations, or connect on social media?
  • Do you want to complement your blog with unique photo content?
  • Are you planning to share information about participating in or creating a special event, fashion show, or social outreach?
  • Want to share helpful fashion tips with clients, potential customers, and other audiences?
  • Are you launching an advertising campaign and looking for an impressive presentation?

Traditional pictures could be displayed on a specific shelf, hook, or mannequin. Companies looking to establish a significant presence in the market take advantage of all available avenues to showcase their stylish clothing, such as 360-degree photography and taking pictures of models or mannequins. In addition to showcasing your gorgeous products in the best possible view, you'll be able to draw in additional business and improve the company's reputation.

Study your target audience

When determining the style of future images, complimentary colors, extra equipment, and accessories consider the age, gender, and hobbies of the possible purchasers based on who the garments are designed for. Make the necessary research and discover the expectations of your potential customer.

Where will the photos of branded clothes be placed?

The final look of the photo also depends on the purpose for which it will be taken. For example, for marketplaces, especially Amazon, a white background is important, and social networks such as Instagram are the type of photo "lifestyle". In any case, you can consult a photographer or a photo studio for rent, where you are going to shoot.

Choose a background for your brand's clothing photo shoot

What tone will be the background in the photo depends on the perception of the buyer:

  • A white background is thought to be a win-win situation because it draws little notice and allows the spectator to focus entirely on the suggested apparel model.
  • Black is somewhat bold and will not suit all types of clothing. If you are prone to experimentation and dynamism, you can try it on wedding dresses, sports, bright and youth clothing, and some formal models.
  • Pastel background is also great for branded clothing photo shoots. It will look especially good with children's, casual, summer, demi-seasonal, beach evening outfits, and underwear.
  • Bright, neon should be used carefully, as it can largely distract attention from branded clothing. Specialists allow its use for teenagers and children, street and sports style models.

Consider props for your brand's clothing photoshoot

Props, such as extra unique surfaces, an entourage, or accessories, may be necessary to highlight the peculiarities of this or that item. If more things are required to make the branded clothes picture shoot a reality, keep in mind that they shouldn't:

  • take over the attention of the buyer;
  • obscure the overall view of the item;
  • depart from the style and theme of the overall concept;
  • mislead that everything in the image is a set for sale

Prepare your clothes

It is extremely important to decide which of your branded clothes will participate in the photo shoot. Create a list of them, indicating not only the model number or name but also the color, size, special characteristics, and necessary accessories to complement the image. For each thing think over the background, the type of shooting, the number of shots. Systematizing things and collecting them for transportation will make the whole process organized and save time. It will also help a lot to decide on the choice of photographer and location of the photo shoot, and estimate its cost.

Do not forget about the appearance of the products. Branded clothing is a special status, it should always look impeccable. The photo should also give an idea to the potential buyer how the item will look in reality. To do this, inspect each item and eliminate any flaws that can spoil the impression of luxury clothing. So do some light cleaning, ironing - whatever you need to do.

Find the right location for your photo shoot

Of course, everyone wants to find a photo studio rental near them, it will save time and money for transportation, and simplify communication. However, there are a few other things to consider:

  • Find out what photo shoot format can be held in the studio.
  • Check the availability of professional equipment for rent and the possibility of using software.
  • Clarify the availability of additional services such as photographers, material processing, and consultations.
  • Analyze the prices, and pay attention to whether additional discounts are possible. Generally, costs can be lowered by using more objects for shooting.
  • Examine the schedule, and whether it is suitable to gather all the necessary team.
  • Explore reviews, portfolios, and other information confirming the professionalism of the chosen photo studio.

Assemble a team for your brand clothing photo shoot

At first glance, it seems that no one additional will be needed, but think about who will select and collect clothes, prepare them, participate in the organization, and conduct the photo shoot of brand clothing. You may also need models, fashion photographers, assistants, photo editors, makeup artists, hairdressers, and stylists.

Select a photographer for your brand's clothing photoshoot

The photographer's skill and ability will dictate how luxurious the clothing from your brand seems in the picture. As a result, you should evaluate this choice critically rather than jumping to the first one. Examine various photo exhibits and artists, both experienced professionals and those who have recently begun to "go out into the light" with their well-received works. Analyze the portfolio, the skill, and the locations where the information was posted. Find out the master's services, skills, availability, and rate for the work. This is when you start to see how much different providers can charge for the same services. Find a balance between cost and level of professionalism. Introduce the photographer to achieve the greatest outcomes. To get the best results, introduce the photographer to the concept of your branded clothing collection, moodboard. It is also worth talking about the type and number of shots, photographed objects, angles, and order.

Many people find working with a photographer very difficult, troublesome, and expensive at a time when you can take advantage of renting an automated photo studio because it has its advantages:

  • clear thoughtful interface, individual settings;
  • professional, easily customizable equipment, always ready to work;
  • quick receipt of photos, because filters, processing, imposition of branding is automatic;
  • professional photos, made exactly according to the set algorithm;
  • ease of use allows even beginners to achieve the best results;
  • budget saving - renting an automated photo studio will significantly reduce the cost of your branded clothing photo shoot.

Models for your brand's clothing photo shoot

A Model photo is an ideal solution to make the brand popular and recognizable. Also, it increases sales because it allows the customer to imagine how the clothes will look in reality. When selecting a model, pay attention to some points:

  • The model should have the same age, type, and personality as your target audience.
  • The more popular the model will be, the more attention it can attract to the brand, but it is worth considering the complexity of the work and the costliness of the services of public figures.
  • Give preference to the most natural appearance and personal charisma, rather than fake manners.
  • Share your concept with the model, and demonstrate and write down the things she will need to show for each model.
  • Discuss the photo shoot with the agent and the model, and conclude a detailed contract.
  • Additionally it is worth finding a makeup artist, hairdresser, and possibly a stylist.
  • Exchange contacts with the whole team, agree on the day of the shoot, and remind all participants about it in advance

Schedule a time for the photo shoot

Signing up for a photo shoot is one of the most crucial steps. Don't rush to sign up for a photo shoot on the very next day, give yourself time to prepare and gather your team. You also need to make sure that everyone involved in your brand's clothing photo shoot knows where and when to arrive, and make sure they stick to the schedule you've set up.

Make a schedule

It is preferable to create a table in order to keep your brand's apparel photo session well-organized and professionally done. Include a description of the models' placement, their attire, their ideal appearance, the overall composition, the background, and the shooting technique.

How do you plan a photo shoot for your clothing brand if your budget is limited?

Start-up companies don't always have the desired budget to book the best photo shoot for their branded clothing, but there is a way out:

  • Reduce the number of paid processes and services, for example, preparing the clothes, and styling can be done by yourself.
  • A high-paid photographer, or a photo editor can be replaced by lesser-known ones, or you can take advantage of renting an automated photo studio that can create high-quality photos without overpaying.
  • Look for a photo studio rental near you as this will save transportation costs.
  • Take photos of your brand's apparel all at once; the more pieces you shoot, the less the studio and photographer will typically charge.
  • Arrange to rent a photo studio in advance not to pay more for urgency.
  • Select the time of year: during busy periods, when experts have a large clientele, prices could be higher than, for example, the days after the Christmas break.
  • Make sure you are well-prepared for the photo shoot; a well-established procedure won't eat up your paid time.


It is essential to carefully arrange a clothing photo shoot when everything is on the line, including commercial success, brand popularization, the launch of a new collection, the growth of the company, and the future of the e-commerce sector. Captivating, comprehensive, and high-quality photographs are essential for drawing in clients. Therefore, to have a great photo session of your brand's clothing, rent a photo studio, organize a team, consider the idea, format, and mood of the photos, arrange everything perfectly, create a schedule, and you will definitely succeed.

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