In-Camera Visual Effects (ICVFX)

In-Camera Visual Effects (ICVFX)

Each of us strives for excellence and fulfillment in our work. It is what the rapidly evolving technology that brought In-Camera Visual Effects to our world can help with. A technique called ICVFX can help you create visual effects immediately during the shooting process. It allows you to see and shoot virtual objects and unreal worlds with a total sense of their presence without post-production. Let's find out what's unique about ICVFX and closely examine the technology.

What can you achieve with In-Camera Visual Effects?

Today we can easily replace computer graphics (CG) used to supplement the filmed material with necessary elements by ICVFX. After all, no one wants to spend resources and time on additional video processing to add a visual effect. It improves realism, dramatically simplifies the work of directors, and gives more control over the reproduction of the scene and the concept of the final result. It also greatly reduces the cost of post-production, making it unnecessary at many points.

With this technology, it is possible to achieve many things. Do you want an actor to walk through the unusual streets of Kyoto, drive a car through a background of colorful lights, or wander through a fantasy world? Can this be achieved without leaving the studio, here and now without delay, or even live on air? Using the innovative ICVFX technology, you can create awe-inspiring effects.

What kind of equipment should you have for "In-Camera Visual Effects"?

Of course, to make the magic happen, you need to take care of the right equipment for filming with ICVFX:

  • The stage is a specially equipped area with LED screens. Most often presented by a curved or fully enclosed background to enhance the visual effect.
  • The camera is high-quality, with high-resolution, parameter settings, high dynamic range (HDR), or high-speed model. Also, the so-called movi live event camera is used.
  • System and software include camera tracking, which requires StarTracker, creating scenes with augmented reality Cinematic XR Focus, and Unreal Engine 5.
  • Lighting choice depends on the style of photography. LED grid is considered relevant, and unique panels, lights, spotlights, and other studio lighting will give ICVFX value.
  • Additional accessories. It can include any equipment you may need for shooting on stage, including stabilizers, dolly carts, tracks, cranes, various mounting mounts, and power distributors.

The specific choice of equipment will always depend on the visual effects you want to reproduce. Here it is essential to have professional equipment with the proper tools to achieve the expected results. StylePhotos can fully provide this. All you need is to rent it.

What is the difference between ICVFX and cyclorama and green screen technology?

Since cyclorama is mainly used when you need a borderless white background, adding visual effects to a video requires quite a lot of effort. It is usually used with a green screen to achieve the desired results, but there are also some difficulties. Such a choice requires careful and time-consuming post-production because the entire background must be replaced with the one needed for the final rendering. It complicates the work of the editor and all the specialists on the team. It can also be challenging to adjust the tone, the desired expressiveness, and the interaction with unrealistic objects in the already-filmed material.

Whereas "In-Camera Visual Effects" allows you to use special techniques with interactive scenes in real time. With ICVFX, LEDs and rigging remove unnecessary work from the horizon. Therefore, all effects look as natural and realistic as possible. It also allows the crew to experiment and change visuals during filming, and the product can be ready at once. With this capability, you can even film a live feed.

Can a natural environment replace ICVFX?

ICVFX is generally unnecessary if you do not need any visual effects, but problems can arise even with seemingly simple things. For example, shooting nature, but we all know that a thriving scene requires time, attention, suitable light, and shadows, which change constantly. So even a short clip can become very time-consuming and expensive. While reproducing the right atmosphere in the studio conditions with the help of "In-Camera Visual Effects," it is possible to shoot one shot as long as the script and creative idea demand it.

At StylePhotos Studio, you can access all the modern technology, virtual scenes, equipment, and tools to make the most of ICVFX. Do you want to make an impressive and unforgettable video? We've got a lot for you to rent!


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