Photo of a ghost mannequin: features, choice of equipment, difference from other techniques

Photo of a ghost mannequin: features, choice of equipment, difference from other techniques

As online shopping continues to grow in popularity, e-commerce businesses strive to produce higher quality product photos to attract and retain customers. One type of product photography that is commonly used by e-commerce businesses is Ghost Mannequin Photography. This technique is often used by clothing and apparel retailers to capture detailed images of their products in a way that is appealing to customers. In this article, we will explore what Ghost Mannequin Photography is, the equipment needed, and how it differs from regular product photography.

What is Ghost Mannequin Photography?

Ghost Mannequin Photography, otherwise known as "Invisible mannequin photography" or "Hollow man photography," is a technique used to create realistic images of clothing items without the distraction of a model or mannequin. The technique allows for an image of a garment to appear as if it were being worn by an invisible person by combining images of the front and back of the garment. This allows for a three-dimensional look that displays the details of the item more clearly than a regular photograph.

The process of creating a Ghost Mannequin photograph involves using a mannequin that has removable sections. Each part of the garment is photographed on the mannequin separately to capture all the details, such as buttons, stitching, fabric texture, and more. Then these images are combined using editing software to create a final image that appears as if a person is wearing the garment. This technique is especially useful for items such as shirts, jackets, and other clothing with a specific shape.

Equipment for Ghost Mannequin Photography

To create a high-quality Ghost Mannequin photo, you need specialized equipment that includes a mannequin, a camera, and photo editing software. The mannequin is a critical piece of equipment as it needs to be adjustable and able to have its parts removed to capture all the details of the garment. There are various types of mannequins available, ranging from basic torsos to full-body mannequins that offer more posing flexibility.

The choice of camera is also essential as a high-quality camera will capture all the details of the garment. A camera that offers manual settings and a high-resolution image sensor is ideal for producing high-quality photos. Additionally, the photographer will need a suitable lens and tripod to capture the images of the garment.

Finally, photo editing software is crucial in combining the images and creating the final Ghost Mannequin photo. It allows for the removal of the mannequin while still maintaining the garment's shape and details. The software also offers the ability to enhance the contrast, brightness, and color correction of the photo and remove imperfections.

Differences between Ghost Mannequin Photography and Regular Product Photography

One of the significant differences between Ghost Mannequin Photography and regular product photography is the ability to showcase the product's details. Regular product photography often features product images against a plain or neutral background without any model or mannequin. This type of photography is suitable for products such as electronics, homewares or tools, where the details are less important.

However, for clothing items, the purpose of the photo is to show how the garment fits and what unique characteristics it has, such as detailed stitching and fabric texture. Using a mannequin in Ghost Mannequin Photography creates a 3D effect, allowing for a more realistic-looking final image where the focus is directly on the garment.

Additionally, using a mannequin in Ghost Mannequin Photography eliminates distractions that might take focus away from the product. Without a model or mannequin, the attention is on the product, making it easier for customers to visualize themselves wearing the item.

Preparing your Garments for Ghost Mannequin Photography

To create the best Ghost Mannequin photograph possible, it is essential to prepare your garments properly. First, ensure the garment is clean and free from wrinkles, stains, or marks. It is also important to pay attention to the garment's structure, ensuring it is correctly oriented before it is photographed.

To capture all the details of a particular garment, it may be necessary to shoot images of the garment sections on a mannequin individually. This could include close-ups of buttons, zippers, pockets or seams. Proper garment preparation will help to ensure a high-quality final product that displays all the essential details accurately.

Editing and Retouching Ghost Mannequin Photos

Photo editing software is a crucial part of the Ghost Mannequin Photography process. The software helps to combine the separately photographed garment parts and create the final image. Additionally, the software can enhance the image by adjusting brightness, contrast, and color correction. It is also used to remove any imperfections on the garment or background.

The retouching process is essential to ensure that the final Ghost Mannequin Photo looks as professional and polished as possible. The precise skills required to edit and retouch Ghost Mannequin photos can be time-consuming, and it is essential to hire a professional to ensure a high-quality final product.

Examples of Successful Ghost Mannequin Photography Projects

There are numerous examples of successful Ghost Mannequin Photography projects, including e-commerce businesses that have seen tremendous growth as a result. Clothing and apparel companies, in particular, have experienced significant benefits from using Ghost Mannequin Photography as it enhances the customer's online shopping experience.

Costs of Ghost Mannequin Photography

The cost of Ghost Mannequin Photography can vary, depending on the size and complexity of the project. The total costs involved will include the cost of the mannequin, camera equipment, and photo editing software. It will also include the photographer or studio fees and the time and effort, as the process is often time-consuming. However, the investment in Ghost Mannequin Photography is typically a worthy one, as it increases the professionalism and customer appeal of the photographs.


As online shopping continues to grow in popularity, e-commerce businesses must produce high-quality product images and videos. Ghost Mannequin Photography is an excellent technique for clothing and apparel companies to highlight their products unique features and showcase the garments as if they are being worn by an invisible person. By implementing Ghost Mannequin Photography, e-commerce businesses can attract and retain customers by showing off their garments in more detail and providing a more engaging shopping experience. With the right equipment and editing skills, Ghost Mannequin Photography can be a worthwhile investment for businesses looking to improve their online sales.


Q: Can I use Ghost Mannequin Photography for all types of clothing?
A: Yes, Ghost Mannequin Photography can be used for all types of clothing, including jackets, dresses, shirts, and pants.

Q: How long does it take to complete a Ghost Mannequin Photography project?
A: The time to complete a project can vary depending on the number of garments and the level of editing required. However, most projects can be completed within 1-2 weeks.

Q: Does Ghost Mannequin Photography require any special equipment?
A: Yes, Ghost Mannequin Photography requires a high-quality camera, lighting equipment, and editing software.

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