Unreal Engine 5

Unreal Engine 5

About Unreal Engine 5

If you don’t already know what Unreal Engine 5 is, feast your eyes on the latest version of this powerful game engine developed by Epic Games. Link to highlights of latest UE 5.2 showcase: Unreal Engine 5.2 Feature Highlights UE is capable of creating high-quality, realistic virtual and augmented reality, animation, virtual environments and even renders spatialized audio, -- all this and more is possible with the help of Unreal Engine 5.1.1!

The Best Unreal Effects

Anyone who is familiar with the VFX process in the industry understands the potential difficulties associated with management processes, action coordination, control as well as the choice and creation of said VFX. We at StylePhotos are a reliable companion on all stages - from pre-production all the way through post-production and our studio can aid in the creation of your ideas and help bring your videos to life. Utilizing powerful software, we can greatly facilitate the processes of programming, physical modeling, and editing. Considering our versatile, scalable program and a wide range of tools, we can create the most breathtaking game worlds and television movies.

Unreal Engine 5 Features

Unreal Engine 5 is composed of many different elements - but the most prominent of those is called Nanite, an innovative graphics processing technology. It allows the creation of detailed environments with billions of polygons and removes the need for a dedicated process, division by levels or optimization. In addition, Niagara is an action movie FX creator. Its updated system can generate complex effects and the dynamic episodes contain explosions, fire, smoke, and various other elements.

Special technology

Epic Games, the developers behind the Unreal Engine software, have developed an array of tools that are implemented everyday in StylePhotos virtual production. Lumen provides global real-time lighting, so that you can create realistic scenes with no preliminary lighting. Dynamic lighting during the shooting process is also available. Visualization geometry is a technology allowing efficient usage of a CPU with memory for dealing with large objects necessitating the highest level of details. MetaHuman Creator is a powerful tool used to create digital humans, such as in the case of the Metaverse. This technology renders photorealistic objects with various parameters and attributes, giving the body realistic and accurate proportions.


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