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Make It Your Own Cyclorama Stage

76 ft in width and 16 ft in clear height, our curved cyclorama is capable of satisfying any shoot requirements. With a dedicated lighting grid and loading dock, our cyclorama allows for seamless set backdrops and quick and easy access for vehicles and equipment.


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Cyclorama Stage

Do you want to do a top-rated interview, make a high-end commercial, a stunning music video, or an atmospheric theater performance - but you can’t find a suitable location? StylePhotos, the biggest rentable studio in Canada, is ready for any creative projects! Designed with innovative technology and top of the line cinema gear, it can be used for any purpose.

The studio itself includes an assembled Cyclorama, a standalone lighting grid as well as all the necessary equipment you could possibly need. With the help from our In-Studio professional staff, our Cyclorama is an excellent solution for all your photography and videography needs.

Lighting in Cyclorama Studios

Not only do you have free range of the full Cyclorama during rentals, but you also have access to all of our lighting equipment: LED lighting grid by ARRI with 4 Orbiters, 15  (S60-C) and 1 (S30-C) Skypanels controlled by GrandMA3. Nowadays, this lighting system is both a powerful and a versatile lighting solution, allowing you to control brightness, color temperature, and other lighting parameters. The LED-reticle can be used in conjunction with various additional equipment, such as filters, diffusers and honeycomb grids. This allows clients renting the Cyclorama to create various lighting effects and personalize the lighting of their projects.

Power Distribution

Both the Cyclorama and the LED Wall Stages have a dedicated 200 Amp Camlock. Additionally, StylePhotos offers In-House Power Distribution equipment such as; Tower of Power, 1-Way Seaway Cables, 3-Pin Joy Cables, 4AW (6x60A Distro Boxes) and 3×20 Amp Power Distributors (3x20 Dief Box - GFCI). With this gear available In-House, clients don’t need to bring external generators or additional power distributors.

Cyclorama Definition

A cyclorama, also known as a cyc wall, is a large, curved background widely used in theaters, the movie industry, and in photography studios. A cyc curtain can be made of various materials such as fabric, canvas, or plaster, primarily painted with a single color. It is usually placed in the back of a room and used to create various effects. A cyc wall is an important element of theater and movie performances; it can also be used to create an immersive environment transporting the viewers to other worlds and times.

Cyclorama Studio

A cyclorama studio is a spacious, specifically equipped location where a cyc curtain or wall is installed. Generally, it is curved, seamless, possesses no angles, edges, or observable lines. This allows for a beneficial usage of lighting and various angles during the shoot, which makes the resulting product look more professional. By renting the studio, the client not only gets a large cyc wall, but also has access to LED lighting equipment, a power distributor, and various props.

Photography and Theater

In a cyc wall studio, photos are made by first placing the object in the desired position and focusing the camera. Then, the photo is taken, with setting up the exposition parameters. As a result of using a white cyc, you get images in which the object looks as if it is placed in an infinite space, with a perfectly clear background. Cyc walls are very popular in modern theater performances where it is used to create the desired background effects and projections. For this, a large white StylePhotos canvas is used which is spread all around.

This allows for amazing lighting and projection effects. During the show, the cyc brings a realistic background, the feeling of the passage of time, or changes in ambiance according to the script.

Movie Production Cyclorama

The cyc is a relevant solution for making music videos, commercials, and movies of all genres. Actors or objects are shot in front of a screen with special equipment. This allows breathtaking scenes with realistic backgrounds and even special effects. The cyclorama backdrop used in the movie industry allows the cameramen and directors to fully control the resulting products, which saves considerable time, money, and effort.

Nowadays, no big company which cares about its image can avoid using production cyclorama. That is understandable: what else would you use to best advertise a car for example, or shoot a music video which would top all the charts, or shoot an amazing blockbuster?

The Cyc & Green Screen

These are all important elements for the most atmospheric of movie productions. They allow to create a realistic panorama with any effect or view, all without leaving the premises of the rented studio. Do you need the video’s star to run across a mountain range, jump off the top of a waterfall, or drink champagne in front of the Eiffel tower? You can achieve all this by renting our studio. A unique combination of a cyclorama and a green screen helps create breathtaking, convincing environments for your productions, be it a small-scale indie movie or a high-budget fantasy title. Renting the StylePhotos cyc studio all dreams come true!

This allows for amazing lighting and projection effects. During the show, the cyc brings a realistic background, the feeling of the passage of time, or changes in ambiance according to the script.


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How does “In-House Rentals” work at StylePhotos?

In-House Rentals allows clients to rent our studio space(s) and equipment for a day or for multiple days depending on what the use is for. The rental gear will never be leaving the studio so you will never face the risk of having the gear, props and/or space you need taken away from you.

Do you offer rental packages that allow equipment to be brought out of the studio?

We do not allow our equipment to be used and/or brought outside of the studio at this time.

How to check if equipment is available?

Seeing as we only offer In-House Rentals, all our equipment and studio space is allocated to you for the duration of your rental.

What if I break something?

We understand accidents happen. However, if you break, rip, stain, or do any form of property damage, you will be charged a replacement fee, depending on the item. Any floor damage is subject to a repair fee ranging between $250 – $1000.

Can I bring in my own team to shoot, build sets etc….?

Yes, you can bring your own team into the studio. However, there are certain pieces of equipment that are ONLY operated by our In-House team. Even if you or someone on your crew has experience operating this equipment, for the safety of everyone on-set only our staff will be operating it. For example, the Bolt X and MovieTech Dolly will only be operated by our In-Studio team.

Can I bring special effects to StylePhotos?

Dry ice, haze and fog machines are allowed. Wax candles, open flames, slime, and sparklers are prohibited. If you are bringing confetti, glitter, artificial snow, sand, feathers, or flowers into the space, please also indicate that at the time of booking.

Can you teach me how to use the CineBot, jib arm, cameras etc…?

Unfortunately, no. Our In-Studio team is in charge of the equipment and managing the gear (Cameras, Grip, Bolt X etc.) for your rental and will not be teaching you how to operate the equipment.

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